Research Theme Four

Biodiversity and Protected Area Management

The NSRC seeks research pre-proposals that focus on biodiversity and protected area management in the Northern Forest. The Northern Forest provides jobs, clean water, and recreational opportunities and protects biological diversity for millions of our citizens. Sustaining this region requires vision and the ability to synthesize new knowledge about the forest, the citizens who live near and in it, and the economic and policy choices that shape our future. Important changes in forestland ownership and the economy require timely consideration of strategies to secure the continuing conservation of these lands and communities. Public investment in forestry research and outreach ensures the conservation and protection of these values. Protecting and enhancing the economic and ecological integrity of the Northern Forest is a critical issue for the region.

Theme Four supports research focused on biodiversity and protected area management in the Northern Forest.

Pre-proposal submissions to Theme Four may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following broad research topics in Northern Forest areas:

  • Biodiversity
    • Forest biodiversity conservation topics related to interactions between plant and animal species, populations, communities, and ecosystems such as species loss, human development pressures, or invasive plants, animals, insects, and diseases that have the potential to affect large areas of forest and change their ecological functions and biodiversity
    • Natural variability in species, communities, and ecosystems in the Northern Forest
    • Maintaining biodiversity and ecological integrity while providing wood products and other ecological services, as well as providing for human values and needs within managed forest areas
  • Protected Area Management
    • The need for protection of sensitive areas, unique habitats, wilderness areas, and ecological reserves within forested landscapes to provide biodiversity and connectivity at various scales within a landscape or region
    • Ecological services and human values and needs provided by protected areas and reserves
    • Recreation opportunities and experiences provided by protected areas and reserves for residents and visitors

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