Research Theme One

Sustaining Productive Forest Communities: Balancing Ecological, Social, and Economic Considerations

The NSRC seeks pre-proposals that support research and outreach focused on sustainable and integrated solutions to the social, economic, and ecological challenges of the communities, businesses, and working landscapes in the Northern Forest.

Pre-proposal submissions to Theme One may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following broad research topics:

  • Sustainable Forest Management
    Research to define, demonstrate, and/or evaluate sustainable approaches to Northern Forest management, including the social, economic, and ecological challenges facing the Northern Forest. Example projects include studies of land use change and parcelization, regional forest management alternatives, carbon sequestration, regional incentives for land stewardship, conservation easements, effective regional communication, effective logging practices, and other long-term forest management issues.
  • Community and Economic Development
    Research to support effective rural community and economic development in the Northern Forest. Example projects include study and assessment of social, economic, and ecological changes in Northern Forest communities, analysis of conflict resolution strategies, studies of challenges unique to Northern Forest businesses, assessment of Northern Forest resource markets for both wood and non-wood products, and development and viability of a carbon trading market for the Northern Forest.
  • Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Services
    Research to quantify and understand the value and importance of ecosystem services and resources in the Northern Forest. Example projects include assessments of the region's wood resources, recreation and tourism resources, energy potential, social capital, carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas mitigation, and overall ecosystem services.
  • Nature-based Tourism
    Research to better understand the benefits and challenges associated with past, current, and planned recreation and tourism in the Northern Forest. Example projects include studies of Northern Forest culture, values, and tradition and their roles in recreation and tourism, studies of transportation challenges unique to the region, and studies of how best to encourage local entrepreneurship and Northern Forest “image” branding.
  • Watershed Planning
    Research designed to enhance scientific information needed for long-term planning and decision making aimed at sustaining productive forests, clean water, and strong, economically viable communities within and between Northern Forest watersheds. Example projects include studies to utilize and/or value forest lands to protect water resources, assessments of past planning activities, and demonstrations of innovative new approaches to planning.

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