Governance Documents

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee governs the NSRC collaboratively. Four state institutional directors and one regional director are responsible for finalizing the roster of research projects for funding. The listing of directors and managers can be found on the Contacts page.

External Advisory Committee 

The NSRC External Advisory Committee (EAC) is composed of up to 17 members selected to be representative of the communities, businesses, industries, and agencies in the Northern Forest Region that contribute to and benefit from knowledge generated by research funded via the NSRC. The members of the EAC shall collectively represent the perspectives of all four collaborator states. The primary role of the EAC will be to advise the NSRC Executive Committee about the specific research needs for each annual request for proposals (RFP).

Tribal Consultants

In 2020, the NSRC invited Tribal consultants to comment on research-related priorities of Tribal Nations and communities of Indigenous Peoples in the Northern Forest.