Research Themes

Each year, the NSRC supports Northern Forest research that fits into four research themes.

Theme One. Sustaining productive forest communities: Balancing ecological, social, and economic considerations
    Directed through the University of Vermont
    Contact: Dr. Breck Bowden
Theme One supports research focused on sustainable solutions to the integrated social, economic, and ecological challenges of communities, businesses, and working landscapes in the Northern Forest.  Topics might include sustainable forest management, community and economic development, ecological economics and ecosystem services, recreation and tourism, and watershed science and planning. Full theme description

Theme Two. Sustaining ecosystem health in northern forests
    Directed through the University of New Hampshire
    Contact: Dr. William McDowell
Theme Two supports research that will improve understanding of the health and productivity of forest and associated aquatic ecosystems in the Northern Forest.  Scientific issues to be addressed primarily involve hydrological and biogeochemical processes in forested ecosystems and surface waters and how changes in these processes affect forest and associated aquatic ecosystems. Full theme description

Theme Three. Forest productivity and forest products
    Directed through the University of Maine
    Contact: Dr. Aaron Weiskittel
Theme Three supports research that will quantify, improve, and sustain productivity of the products-based economy of the Northern Forest.  Aspects of primary interest include underlying biological processes, management practices, and methods of prediction that will influence future wood supplies and forest conditions. Full theme description

Theme Four. Biodiversity and Protected Area Management
    Directed through SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
    Contact: Dr. David Newman
Theme Four supports research focused on protecting and enhancing the economic and ecological health of the Northern Forest, including jobs, clean water, recreational opportunities, and biological diversity.  Important changes in forestland ownership and the economy require timely consideration of strategies to secure the continuing health of these lands and communities.  Topics might include forest biodiversity, conservation, ecological services to society, and protected area management. Full theme description